Tenerife جي باري ۾

Tenerife ائٽلانٽڪ سمنڊ ۾ هڪ volcanic ٻيٽ ته Canary ٻيٽ (اسپين) ۽ يورپي يونين جي خودمختيار ڪميونٽي سان تعلق آهي. It occupies an area of about 2000 sq. km. and has a population of approximately 900.000 people. Tenerife is a popular touristic destination and gets about 6.000.000 visitors annually.

Tenerife طور "دائمي بهار جي ٻيٽ" مشهور آهي. ان جي نرم موسم واپار وائن، واهه ۽ جبلن ته مختلف آبهوائي علائقن ۾ ٻيٽ کي ورهائي جي ٺهيل آهي. Tenerife ۾ ترڻ جي مند سال-گول آهي ۽ سراسري گرمي پد anual 21C آهي.

The island has very well developed infrastructure: two modern airports, two big ports and numerous marinas, highways with 120 km/h speed limit, national parks, hospitals, schools etc. Canary Islands are well interconnected by ferries and local flights and there are hundreds of daily international flights to all European countries operated by several mayor air companies.

Tenerife has perfect ecology as there is no heavy industry or big factories. There is always fresh air circulating from the ocean thanks to the trade winds.

ڏوهن جي سطح تمام گهٽ آهي ۽ عام ۾ ٻيٽ بلڪل محفوظ ۽ محفوظ آهي.

Canary ٻيٽ ۽ Tenerife سياري وقت دوران يورپي يونين ۽ يورپ ۾ ڪوسي جاء جي southernmost نڪتو آهي.

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