Sell your home in Tenerife fast!

We love Tenerife, we love real estate and we love our clinets!

Tenerife is a little paradise! It is the only place in Europe with summer year-round and it’s one of the most popular tourist destination in EU!

The key to successfully selling your property in Tenerife is to aim not only on local, but also on international buyers.

Our company has the most powerful worldwide online marketing network and it is the best internationally represented agency in Internet from Tenerife!


While most real estate agencies in Tenerife focus on recruiting as many brokers as possible to brainwash property sellers and force them into abusive exclusive contracts, we focus on our client, the property, selling process and positive results. 

We use powerful online sales network and technology to bring your property to worldwide buyer audience using modern marketing and Virtual Visits.

This enables us to achieve great results in short time with minimum effort from the home owner.

We have wide experience with selling urban and rustic properties in Tenerife. Our network includes local and international real estate professionals like notaries, architects, banks and lawyers to make sure that selling process goes fast and smooth.

3D virtual tours is amazing technology that allows buyers from all over the world to visit your property online from almost any Internet-enabled device from any part of our planet.

In our days more than 90% of buyers search for real estate in Internet. The 3D technology gives an incredible visibility boost to your property and brings it to massive international buyer auditory!

It also saves huge amount of your time and effort for unnecessary visits, house preparations and cleaning.

Virtual tours are particularly beneficial in places like Tenerife where percentage of foreign buyers is extremely high.

The evaluation is always free of charge. Just provide us with as much details as possible and we will give you our opinion about the selling price of your real estate.

We charge the seller 5% commission. You pay only when we sell your property.

We DO NOT ask our clients to sign exclusive contracts. The home owner is always free to sell his/her home by himself. 

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